Best Hair Trimmers For Women Reviewed [Public, Nose, Facial]

best hair trimmer for womenHair trimmers for women are not getting enough attention in my opinion. In writing this buyer’s guide, I had to search using different ways such as hair trimmers female, etc. In any case, in this detailed buyers guide, we will identify the best trimmers for ladies, women and young girls.

The best female hair trimmers feature a multi-speed setting, long battery life, waterproof capability, and come with some accessorials such as bath carrying case. Every trimmer should be used for its intended use. It is true that every trimmer could get the job done. In other words, you could use a nose hair trimmer to trim public hair.

However, it will be messy(inaccurate at best) and will most likely clog the trimmer. Many users misuse their trimmers and destroy them shortly after buying them. While many trimmers are sensitive in nature, using the right trimmer for the right job could help you get the most out of your hair trimmer.  We identified, the best hair trimmer for women (from longevity stand point) based on user reviews.

Buyers Guide: What To Look For 

This section will include things to look at when buying a trimmer. These obviously include the price and charge time, but also power, speed, battery life, and more. 


The trimmers available on the market can range from quite affordable to costly, but you shouldn’t be swayed by the price to such an extent. Price should be a significant consideration, but not at the expense of quality. Make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. A low price can mean a bad or poor quality trimmer, so look at the features first. 


Choose a trimmer with more than one-speed setting because of these work for different skin types. This type of trimmer will give you the pattern or shape you’re looking for. You can choose from a moderate or close shave. A bikini trimmer should have different speed settings.

Battery Life

A cordless trimmer is only as good as its battery. In other words, you don’t want a trimmer with short battery life and then be left with a halfway done trim. What’s the big deal?

Maybe you have plans and don’t have enough time to wait for the battery to recharge…it It can be a lot like having your water supply cut right when you poured the shampoo on your head.

Go for a trimmer that uses good, solid batteries. AA and AAA are good options.

These will let you shave without worrying about charging. It always helps to look for batteries with quick charge time as well. If you can’t find this data, choose a product with replaceable batteries.


Some bikini trimmers are waterproof and can be used in the shower. Others can be used only when the body is dry. Not many trimmers are waterproof, but these are the best. For some women, this feature is a must because they do their trimming right before or during a shower. 


Many trimmers come with additional accessories like trimming combs, extra blades, and small shaver heads to facilitate the process of bikini trimming and trimming in general. Some come with special cases or drawstring pouches. All these accessories are provided to make the shaving a good and close process without pain or bumps.

6 Best Women’s Hair Trimmers [by Use]

1. Shick Hydro Silk Perfect Finish Grooming Kit – Best Multiuse Hair Trimmer 

Shaving and skincare are two of the most important elements of women’s beauty routines. While not all women do skincare, women who never shave are exceptions to the rule. There are very few that don’t, either because they don’t care about hair growth or they don’t experience any or very little. For the rest of us, it is mandatory. So, Shick has given us a multi-use grooming kit. This all in one trimmer is safe for sensitive skin. It comes with hypoallergenic moisturizer which is great. 


  • Face Trimmer
  • Eyebrow Comb
  • Eyebrow Trimmer
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Bikini Comb
  • Body & Bikini Trimmer


Best Multiuse Hair Trimmer


  • Attachments are easy to change out
  • It’s very gentle
  • light weight


  • Only one battery
  • With multiuse Needs charging more often

2. Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies All-in-One Personal Groome

Not to be confused with the previously mentioned Conair Satiny, the Satiny Smooth model is a ladies all-in-one personal groomer. This is not just an electric shaver. It is a complete set. It is an affordable system that comes with a stand and multiple accessories, including cleaning oil and a brush.

This shaver has a bikini trimmer that has two positions, and also a five-position trimming detailer with a comb that allows you to trim small areas at hard to reach angles. This feature is great for eyebrows.  It has the wet and dry technology and waterproof construction. With this, you have the flexibility to use in or out of the shower.  The stand can be used as a charging station for the built-in rechargeable batteries.

Title Here


  • It is a complete set
  • great for eyebrows
  • wet and dry technology and waterproof construction


  • None

3.Conair Satiny TrimmerBest Women’s Eyebrow Trimmer 

Conair Recision is a great eyebrow trimmer that gives you the flexibility to shape and clip your eyebrows any way you want. It will also work for the nose, body, and bikini area. The trimmer comes with two high-precious eyebrow combs and works with a lithium AAA battery. It comes with ear and nose attachments.

No More Rough Hair Growth 

The product delivers a smooth shave. You will not suffer from rough hair growth, which we know how pesky can be, especially in the eyebrow area.  Eyebrow combs give you the best layouts for the desired shape. As they say, you can survive anything if your eyebrows survived 2016, but with a product like Conair, they will recover fully. 

Underwater Capability 

You can place the Conair underwater, but you can’t clean it in running water. It is very lightweight at just 4.8 ounces. It makes your face look slimmer and more youthful. It can help with exfoliating the dry skin off feet among other things. Keep in mind it only works for dry hair. The blades are extremely durable, enabling consistent use.

Best Women's Eyebrow Trimmer


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable 


  • None

4. Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer for Women

Modestly priced, this sleek shaving partner stands out. This model guarantees a close shave just as the Arc 5, but will however not be as comfortable. Some of the standout features of this shaver are the powerful motor and flexibility of the head. The Arc 4 boasts of a powerful linear motor that runs at 14000CPM with dual action.

That is truly impressive, coupled with sharp, durable blades that can pivot at 30 degrees in multiple directions. A single charge will provide up to 40 minutes of battery life.



  • It’s very affordable compared to other shavers
  • It has a handy LED panel with vital information about the battery and motor speed



  • It lacks comfort to some extent
  • It comes without the dock for cleaning and charging, with that being the probable reason for its lower price

5.Wahl’s 5545-400 TrimmerBest Women’s Nose Hair & Ear Hair Trimmer

Wahl’s nose and ear hair trimmer is a unique tool that comes with a few attachments serving multiple purposes. The product is best for trimming nose hair, but it also comes with attachments to shape eyebrows and shave body hair. The trimmer comes with hygienic steel blades that you can rinse clean under running water and is lightweight. It is waterproof, so you can use it in the shower too.



  • Easy to clean
  • Water-resistant
  • Multipurpose – comes with attachments
  • Travel-friendly
  • It comes with an eyebrow guide comb


  • Quite noisy
  • Not ideal for heavy trimming

6. ToiletTree Nose Hair TrimmerBest Nose Hair Trimmer With Light

This is a waterproof, heavy-duty steel nose hair trimmer equipped with an LED light.  Right now, it is the best nose hair trimmers available on the market bar none. It works well even in low light thanks to its integration with a bright LED light.

The trimmer is waterproof, which not only makes it a handy tool to use in the shower but also easy to clean.  The product also comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.

Best Nose Hair Trimmer With Light


  • Efficiently trims nose hair within minutes.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.
  • Travel-friendly


  • None

Bonus: Shick Hydro Silk Trim Style Razor

Shaving and skincare are two of the most important elements of women’s beauty routines. While not all women do skincare, women who never shave are exceptions to the rule. There are very few that don’t, either because they don’t care about hair growth or they don’t experience any or very little.

For the rest of us, it is mandatory. So, Shick has given us a hydrating razor and waterproof bikini trimmer all in one. Sensitive skin is safe thanks to the hypoallergenic moisturizer the product comes with. This is a waterproof bikini trimmer, which lets you shave both in the shower or outside of it.

This is one of the greatest conveniences this trimmer offers. It comes with five blades that will make your skin feel smooth and silky for a very long time. No hairy patches will ever be left behind. The adjustable comb will let you customize the length of trim.


Shick Hydro Silk Trim Style Razor is equipped with a hallmark feature of out of shower use that you do not get with most electric razors. It is easy on dry skin, but may leave a few dry patches. The customizable blades might be a bit hard to get the hang of at first, but you’ll find them to work very smoothly with careful handling.

The razor gives a lasting and smooth finish for up to one day after use. Last but not least, its five curving blades work on arms, legs, and underarms as well. The razor comes with a moisturizing serum to lock the moisture in.

Title Here


  • Serum very effective on dry skin
  • Adjustable comb targets each area as needed
  • Smooth and silky finish.
  • Waterproof bikini trimmer 


  • Out of shower trimming can leave some patches.
  • Blades hard to learn to use 

Frequently Asked Questions 


What is the best female electric shaver?

Apart from the ones reviewed here, you’ll find the following products satisfactory: 

  • Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver.
  • Braun Silk-epil 9 9-579 Women’s Electric Razor and Epilator.
  • Braun Silk-epil 5 Power 5280 Women’s Epilator.
  • Butterfly Pro 5h by Skull Shaver.
  • Remington WDF5030A Wet & Dry Electric Foil Shaver.

What are the best electric shavers for Brazilian?

One shaver that is specially advertised for being for “landing strips” and “Brazilians” is the Cleancut T-Shape Personal Shaver. This is a simple, but effective product that will get you the shave you are looking for without any fancy accessories.

It doesn’t have a robust handle or a ton of floating heads. It doesn’t even come with a case. However, it is slender and easy to handle. It gets the job done right. The handle curves up into an extremely thin head. There is just one trim level. Speed is adjusted by pressing down on the razor harder or letting up the pressure.

How do I get a smooth shave down there?

To prevent razor burn along the bikini line, moisturize your skin beforehand. Avoid using a razor with an excessive number of blades because that can be harsh on your bikini line, especially if you shave every day.  

How do you trim pubic hair?

For the bikini line or area above your genitals, pull the skin taut and shave in the direction the hairs are growing in.

Who uses a hair trimmer? 

Men and women use hair trimmers on various facial and body areas. 

Which areas is a hair trimmer used for?

You can use a hair trimmer for your ears, eyebrows, nose, moustache, beard, abdominal hair, genital area, underarms, arms, legs, even chest and buttocks.  

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